Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Keeps Gettin Better by Christina Aguilera

Happy Hump Day! Today was an enjoyable day in PreK. I didn't have to be there till 11 so I even got to sleep in a little too!

So I was thinking about packing up sweaters to take them up to the new apartment, but good thing I didn't do that since we're in a cold spell right now. I was a little bummed to put on a winter sweater again today, but I really love it and was comfortable all day. Not sure if you can really tell in the picture but its a dark purple.

Sweater: LOFT / Pants, Scarf: Peebles / Booties: Steve Madden 

Up close so you can see the colors in the scarf:

Well I'm going to change out of this warm outfit to workout clothes for Zumba. Then I'll make dinner, finish some things on my to do list, and then its a relaxing evening for this girl. :)

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