Thursday, March 31, 2011

We Are The World by Michael Jackson

Did you watch Grey's tonight? What did you think of the singing? I thought it was interesting and some songs were better than others. Some of the songs I don't think I'd ever heard before. It was a very emotional episode, and the singing just added another dramatic effect.

Another day of school tomorrow. Same place as today, same job, half the classes I'm supposed to have due to field trips and Bingo. Plus, a 3 hour lunch break!!!!

Here's what I wore today. Kind of plain, but I was excited about the earrings.

Sweater: Old Navy / Belt: from a dress / Cami: Abercrombie and Fitch / Pants: JCPenney / Shoes: Clarks / Earrings: Walmart / Jacket: The North Face

Time for bed! Goodnight!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood

Happy Hump Day! Today was supposed to be my day off (to sleep in and run errands) but I took a job for elementary music. It was a good day at school, and I got to watch Stomp. If you haven't seen it, you should. Its an awesome show of guys and girls that use everything as a percussion instrument. They use their hands, feet and bodies, brooms, sinks, tubes, cards, etc... the list goes on and on. What they do with these objects is so cool, and the precision of their rhythms and timing with each other is pretty sweet. They perform live or you can rent the DVD. I highly recommend it.

Zumba, dinner, and Modern Family finish out my day. Plus I need to start getting things ready for my 24 hour trip to Pittsburgh. More on that later....

Here's what I wore today. Outfit was based around the necklace. I think I succeeded.
Sweater: American Eagle / Pants: Peebles / Shoes: Clarks / Necklace: Peebles

An up close shot so you can see the necklace better. The blue jewels are in different shapes... circles, rectangles, and diamonds. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Piece of Me by Britney Spears

 Today consists of school, making dinner, choir rehearsal, and cuddle time with hubster. I was the music teacher at an elementary school and will be there again tomorrow. Its good to be back in music, but I do miss the kiddos. I must be thinking like a kid, because I have a taste for mac n cheese for dinner. Its a pretty good life I live.

I really got excited about this outfit, and its perfect for spring and definitely Easter. Its all based around the scarf that I bought the other day. Hope you like it!

Scarf, Cardigan, Pants: Peebles / Cami: Abercrombie and Fitch / Shoes: Clarks

Here's my gourmet version of my favorite foods :)

Velveeta mac n cheese with bacon bits and green beans with fried french onions
Bon apetit!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae

On my way to the middle school this morning, I definitely put my turn signal on for the high school out of habit. It was weird not going to my PreK class! I am very happy to only have a half day and be able to relax and enjoy my afternoon. Its really cold outside, so I may spend most of it cuddling with a blanket on the couch, but it will still be enjoyed.

We had a great weekend here of relaxing, cleaning, and date nights. I didn't have any fun outfit to show yesterday due to cleaning and not showering myself. I like to wait 24 hours after I dye my hair to shower again, so I just decided to give it almost 48 hours instead :) I promise I didn't smell....

However, here is today's outfit. I really wanted to wear the boots with a skirt, but its definitely too cold. I've changed into pants already!
Sweater: Banana Republic / Skirt: Gap / Shoes: Steve Madden / Watch: American Eagle

and here's what I made for dinner....
Pasta Carbonara :)

Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vern's Pot of Chili

I'm about to leave for date night with the hubster. It's another late dinner for us then going to see a friend's band play (Vern's Pot of Chili). Today was very relaxing, and the best part was that I dyed my hair. I love it when my roots are the same as the rest of my hair... it makes such a big difference. 

Sweater: American Eagle / Scarf: Old Navy / Cami: Aeropostale / Jeans: Hollister / Shoes: Shoe Show

Peacoat: J. Crew

Hope you're having as great of a weekend as I am!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Shimmy Low by The Clarks

Today was my last day with the PreK kiddos! It was just like every other day, but some of them gave me hugs before they left. I told them they'd probably see me again before the end of the school year, either because I'm subbing for one of the teachers at the high school or I will come volunteer with them on a day I don't get a sub call. I will miss them, and the other PreK teachers.

I am so glad its Friday and I get to enjoy some of spring break with the hubster. We're off to a pretty good start today. He and I decided to treat ourselves, and he bought a new video game and I bought a new Vera Bradley purse. I am in love with Vera Bradley. I already own like 20 bags, but the new summer colors just came out yesterday and I had to check them out in person. The store has to order it, so I won't have it till the end of next week, but I'm still really excited for it. Now we're relaxing at home for a bit, before going to Applebee's for a late dinner to watch the Ohio State basketball game vs Kentucky. Go Buckeyes!!!

The next two days will consist of sleeping in, dying my roots so all of my hair is light blonde again, working out since I didn't go to the gym once this week, looking into apartments for next year and really trying to make a decision, and a lot of relaxing. So far I have a busy week next week, working M, T, R, and F, with Wednesday off... unless I get a call. So not much of a break after my six weeks with PreK. I'd rather be working a lot so I make money though, so can't complain!

Anyway, here's today's outfit. My first attempt with military green:

Cardigan: Peebles / Tank: Old Navy / Jeans: Hollister / Shoes: Steve Madden

Now I'm going to change into a red shirt to show my hubster some support with The Ohio State University. Let's hope they win, since my team (Syracuse) lost the other day.... 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I got an oil change while I was at school today, how cool is that? The high school kiddos did it during third block, and even rotated my tires! Other than that, tomorrow is my last day with my PreK kiddos. So I'm gonna go make some cookies real quick before bed. But before that, I'll show you today's outfit and I'm going to share in awkward and awesome thursday, like Sydney from The Daybook. So here goes....

-The place where tags are on scarves.... when I tie it around my neck I feel like I have to hide it.
-I wore the same shoes all day, and somehow when I put them back on tonight to go to a friends house for Grey's they started rubbing on the side of my foot... which hurts now.
-Interactions with some kiddos parents when they drop them off and pick them up. Some of them are just in a hurry to go and I want to tell them what happened with their child that day.
-When my 4 and 5 year old girl kiddos are fighting over the same boy to be their boyfriend.

-Getting my oil changed at school, so I don't have to take it and wait for it while it gets done this weekend.
-My husband telling me to go to bed and he'll finish cleaning the house (since we have people coming to see it tomorrow)
-Taking a 3 hour nap today after school
-The 70 degree weather we had earlier this week!
-Sydney's idea for awkward and awesome thursday.... I promise my list will be better next week, but I'm in a rush to finish this and get to bed!!!!

Here's today's outfit:

Sweater, Pants, and Scarf: Peebles / Cami: Aerie / Shoes: BareTraps

Have a great friday!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beautiful Disaster by Jon Mclaughlin

I am very happy when sick kiddos stay home. I am feeling even better today and hope it stays this way!

Today is the last of the warm weather according to It will be in the 50s or so the rest of the week. Kind of a bummer, but can't complain about the beautiful days we've had.

Tonight the hubster and I are going to see the high school's production of Once Upon A Mattress. It is their last performance, and the choir director asked me today if I was able to go because they've done a great job and I would like it. I've seen the show a few times and even played trumpet for the pit in college, but am excited to see their version. I also know a bunch of the kids in it, so I am going to be supportive of them as well.

For today's outfit, I wore one of my favorite cardigans. The last time I wore it, I also paired it with a purple shirt, but this is a different one. I think this is my last day to wear capris for at least a week and a half due to weather.

Cardigan: Old Navy / Shirt: Old Navy / Cami: Aeropostale / Pants: Marshall's / Shoes: Gap

getting up close... 

to show you the details of the bow on the caridgan and the ruffle on the shirt 

Time to make dinner and see these kids interpretation of the Spanish Panic!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson

I think the kiddos are out to get me. They must realize this is my last week with them and are trying to wear me out as much as possible. Right now, they might win. I have been coughed and sneezed on more today than the past 5 weeks. I am finally feeling much better, and I hope their germs don't attack again. I like being healthy :)

I am quite bummed that this cold has taken my voice away. There will not be much singing coming from this soprano at choir tonight.

Other than that, the weather still rocks! Its been upper 60s all day with just a little rain early this morning. Its supposed to be 73 tomorrow, however big chance of a thunderstorm.... but I love to watch lightning!!!

Here's the outfit I was so excited for yesterday. I bought the skirt with a different top, which works, however I feel this cardigan is more flattering. I bought the cardigan at a totally different time so I was really excited when I noticed they worked perfectly together!

Cardigan: Peebles / Cami: Aerie / Skirt: Peebles / Shoes: Macy's

And since its small and not showing up in these pictures, I wanted to show you all the new Stella and Dot necklace I purchased last week. Its small and simple, but perfect for casual everyday wear. I can also pair it with other necklaces.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

I accomplished a lot today. I went to a PreK meeting at the board of education and learned about social stories for autistic children, got my bangs trimmed, had lunch, and took stuff to the post office, then I went to school to do lesson plans, parent letters, and other paperwork. After all that, I got groceries, had a snack, took a short nap, went to dinner (Mexican!) with some friends, and finished the day with jazz orchestra rehearsal.

Best part of the day was that the temperature was 72!!!!!! I am so happy for spring. I am also happy the hubster is on spring break and gets to relax. Its about time he gets to just chill for a few days.

Capris were an obvious choice for this weather. I decided to wear a light cardigan because it was still cool in the morning.

Cardigan: American Eagle / Shirt: Aeropostale / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Shoe Show

I'm really excited for tomorrow's outfit. You should be too :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Drive by Incubus

Yesterday I was dead to the world. I slept for 16 hours straight. Today I was awake before noon and decided to make up for what I didn't do yesterday. Dishes, check. Laundry, check. Emptied all trash cans, check. Made the bed and cleaned up bedroom, check. Cleaned kitchen, check. Started cleaning the floor..... to be finished by the hubster. Made FB event for Stella and Dot party in April, check. Still to do: get milk, oj, and hair dye. Dye hair sometime soon or this coming weekend. Lay out outfits for the week.

I have no outfit to show for today, since after my shower I changed into a different pair of sweats. However, I have a picture of the dinner I made.... chicken parmesan, spaghetti and marinara, and pears. Soooo good!

Looking forward to not being sick and wearing a cute outfit to take a picture of for you! :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner

I'm so happy its friday! I have a completely free weekend to do whatever I want, which will mainly be relaxing, getting some sleep and hoping my cold goes away, cleaning and laundry, working out, dying my hair (so my roots don't look awful), etc.... I'm already doing the first on my list with the hubster and a friend as we watch a movie. I think I need sleep, because when I got home I took a 3 hour nap, and only woke up because my mom called.

This is spring break for the hubster, so I'm excited to have him for the week without major studying. He will study for boards while I'm at school, and then I get to spend some free time with him! If only our spring breaks were the same so we could go somewhere, but this will work out just fine and be pretty stress free. Sometimes you just need a break at home. And you can't complain when it's 72 degrees at home!!!!! It was such a beautiful day :)

Today's outfit was created around the shoes. I felt pretty well put together since my belt matched my  shoes, my shirt matched my shoes, and my cardigan's buttons matched my shirt! Check it out:

Cardigan: American Eagle / Shirt: Hollister / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Ralph Lauren

Here are the shoes up close:

Here's a fun one... I was enjoying playing with photo booth :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stella and Dot Trunk Show

I attended a Stella and Dot jewelry party today. It was a lot of fun and their stuff is really cute! I just wanted to share a few pictures I took for you!

My friend and I are going to host a party in April. The jewelry is really cool. Check it out here!

Danny Boy by Frederic Weatherly

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Today, a leprechaun came and visited my classroom. He left footprints on our floor and his pot of gold. We decided to hide the pot of gold in case he came back to look for it. When we came back from lunch, the pot of gold was gone and he had trashed our room!!!

We had fun with this mystery today with the kiddos. The other PreK teacher and I had painted them on the floor yesterday after school (no worries, we told the janitors and cleaned it up today ourselves). We started at the door, made it look like he jumped up on the table, continued on the floor, over the carpet, and out the window. We left the pot of gold by the carpet and put it on its side so the gold was spilling out, as if he tripped and let it go by accident on his way out of the room. When they came in, they couldn't stop looking at the footprints. They would run to the door follow the steps to the window and run back to the door. They all put their own foot on the marks to see if it matched. While we were at lunch, my aide put the now hidden pot of gold in a new place where the kids didn't know so it looked like he came back to take it, and some other teachers helped out by pushing chairs around and throwing toilet paper around the room to make it look like he trashed the place. "We made the leprechaun mad by trying to hide his gold from him." The rest of the day, the kiddos kept coming up with ideas of what he would do next. However we had dads, brothers, uncles, etc come to play with them in the gym and most of the kiddos went home with them afterwards, so during naptime we washed the footprints off. It was a pretty fun day in our class!

Since its St. Patrick's Day, I went through my closet finding all my green and I sure do have a lot. I was going to wear one of my favorite sweaters but then realized how warm it was going to be and went with a long sleeved shirt instead. Its a hooded shirt that I bought in St. Thomas when it got cold at night and I hadn't brought anything to keep me warm while we were there. It has a horseshoe on the front and says feeling lucky. I decided I didn't want that to be an inappropriate innuendo that someone would pick up on, so I wore a scarf to cover it up. I looked pretty festive :)

Shirt: be as you are (St. Thomas) / Scarf: Joe Boxer from Kmart / Pants: Peebles / Shoes: BareTraps

This is upclose of the design I was hiding during school... (however its the mirror image, because I can't figure out how to flip it since this is how macbook takes pics on photo booth)

 Now I'm going to a Stella and Dot jewelry party with a friend, so I decided I can take off the scarf....

and now i'm just having fun....

and a little bit more :)

So yesterday I mentioned I have a lot of green in my closet. I would just like to point out that this picture is NOT all of it..... 
(the coloring looks a little off, in person these greens are a lot brighter)

By the way, I'm thinking for my 50th post, I'm going to highlight some of my favorite outfits I've worn so far, so if you have any personal favorites, let me know!!!! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland

Kiddos were back today. I had 11, including a girl who hasn't been there since December because of leg surgery. The last mom to pick up their child is a teacher, and as we were walking out, she mentioned to me that her daughter is singing more and she can tell I'm a music teacher. That made me happy to know that even in a regular classroom I can incorporate music, and its making a difference.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and we have asked all the kiddos to wear green. I'm already going through all the green in my closet picking out what to wear tomorrow. Yes, green is one of my favorite colors, so I do have a lot of it. Let's see how creative I can be :)

Anyway, here's today's outfit. Similar to one I've worn before, but I was excited about wearing my wide leg trousers.

Sweater: Gap / Belt: Charlotte Russe / Pants: J. Crew / Shoes: Steve Madden

Here is what I'm wearing up close:

Anyone willing to give me a massage? I could really use one.... :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Run to You by Lady Antebellum

I'm glad I have found Polyvore. I came home from the kiddie fair and went right to sleep. When I woke up, I felt awful and realized I needed to take the night off from choir and change into PJs. I hate having a head cold!!!! Anyway, I had something to eat which definitely helped. I decided to start cleaning up some of the house and I started to feel better. So I decided to not abandon the blog today and post the polyvore of what I wore today instead of my picture.

Here you go:

I Run to You by Lady Antebellum

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow to take a picture and write more!!! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

If I Die Young by The Band Perry

I did a lot of work today. We had a kiddie fair today to sign up new kiddos for next year and do screenings and testings. I tested probably close to 30 kids today on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, social-emotional, communication, and problem solving. I was told that we had over 83 future students come today. I'm glad there were multiple teachers doing my test, because there's no way I could have done them all!

I am also not feeling 100%, so now I'm pooped. Luckily, I have an awesome husband who did the dishes for me today and is going to get some groceries tonight.

However, I will not be going right to bed, because it is the final episode of The Bachelor!!!! Tonight he chooses between Chantal and Emily. I can't tell who's he's going to pick, because I've heard different things about who he chooses, and the future Bachelorette. So, I'm not going to pick a winner. I think he should be happy with whomever he chooses.

Today's outfit was casual. I don't have the embroidered Headstart/PreK polo shirt that everyone else has, so I got to wear whatever I wanted:

Shirt: Macy's / Jeans: Unionbay / Shoes: Shoe Show

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another Openin' Another Show from Kiss Me Kate

I'm off to New Castle, PA for the night to see a friend. She is the director of the high school's musical where I student taught. She and I worked together doing the show while I was there, found out we were both Kappa Delta's, and have been good friends ever since. I'm excited to see all her hard work pay off tonight!

I was playing around with my outfit today. I bought the sweater last weekend out with the girls and have been excited to see what I can do with it. Here are some of my options:

Sweater: Gap / Cami: Aeropostale / Jeans: Hollister / Shoes: Steve Madden / Watch: American Eagle
Pearls: SuperSale at school

Scarf: Old Navy

Belt: came with a dress

I decided to wear option #2 with the scarf. I hear there's snow on the ground in PA, so I figured I'd wear the warmest option. Have a great Saturday!