Sunday, March 20, 2011

Drive by Incubus

Yesterday I was dead to the world. I slept for 16 hours straight. Today I was awake before noon and decided to make up for what I didn't do yesterday. Dishes, check. Laundry, check. Emptied all trash cans, check. Made the bed and cleaned up bedroom, check. Cleaned kitchen, check. Started cleaning the floor..... to be finished by the hubster. Made FB event for Stella and Dot party in April, check. Still to do: get milk, oj, and hair dye. Dye hair sometime soon or this coming weekend. Lay out outfits for the week.

I have no outfit to show for today, since after my shower I changed into a different pair of sweats. However, I have a picture of the dinner I made.... chicken parmesan, spaghetti and marinara, and pears. Soooo good!

Looking forward to not being sick and wearing a cute outfit to take a picture of for you! :)

1 comment:

  1. glad you're feeling a little better! sounds like you were really productive today :)