Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I Like The Sound Of That by Rascal Flatts

Hey! Its me! I've decided to come back to the blog! A lot has happened in the past year and I needed to take a break. While I was still working at the golf course, I was wearing the same polo everyday and didn't have any interesting content to share. Then I became pregnant and sometimes the thought of putting on real clothes and makeup sounded like the most exhausting thing ever. So now our sweet baby girl has arrived and is 7 months old, I'm mostly staying at home with her and on occasion taking substitute jobs at the high school, and have had time to get my body back. I'm feeling good about myself and have interest in putting together outfits for the blog. It'll be a little bit different now and I'll be real about mom style. Baby girl and pup will make their way into outfit photos quite often, so I hope you'll enjoy and stay awhile!

This is the same top, two ways. I have purchased some new tops from the Old Navy active wear line because they are easy, comfortable, and the colors are really pretty. When I saw this top in the store, the color caught my eye. I then tried it on, fell in love, and knew I had to have it. I now own it in every color. True to my simplistic style, I paired this top with long Hollister jeans and Puma sneakers for a cooler, rainy day, and then with cropped American Eagle jeans and Toms on a warmer day.