Saturday, September 17, 2016

Peter Pan by Kelsea Ballerini

On Fridays we go to toddler gym. My new group of friends have been awesome and invite Emma and I to all of the fun kiddo activities they go to. So on Fridays we go to the open gymnastics gym set up for toddlers. They can run around, tumble on the mats, jump on the trampoline, walk on the low balance beams, and just play with all of the different toys from elementary gym class that they have. Emma is loving it! Happy baby makes a happy mama. 

Speaking of Mama, when I saw this Mama Bear sweatshirt on, I had to have it! I only wish Emma had a matching top that said Baby bear! Paired with leggings, this was the perfect outfit for a morning at toddler gym!
Mama Bear sweatshirt: / Leggings: Old Navy / Shoes: Target

Making her own obstacle course with the hula hoops

Jumping with friends

She was just so cute, we took a couple of pictures outside

This girl is a total dog lover

We were sitting on the steps waiting outside for daddy

So excited that he was home!

Baby bear and Mama Bear... doing the dog filter on snapchat lol

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