Thursday, September 22, 2016

Make You Miss Me by Sam Hunt

Happy First Day of Fall! Although it doesn't feel anything like a fall day, I'm hoping the forecasted 70s come true next week. It has been in the high 80s/almost 90s for far too long! I can at least pretend its fall with the decorations in my house (If you haven't seen them on instagram, I'll share those sometime next week), but I can't put on the new things I have to wear for cooler temperatures just yet. Anyway, I've been super productive this week and I'm feeling proud of myself. I thought about putting Emma in daycare so I could get some serious cleaning and organizing done, but I did so well during her nap time that I didn't need to. And then I can be a good mom and focus on her when she's awake. That always makes me feel better. It doesn't always happen, lets be real, but this week it did and I'm glad. We also had a fun day at our Mommy and Me class at the Ymca and the Music Class at the Library. Thursday mornings are for fun things to get us out of the house! 

My last trip to Target was full of green and navy. They're really great colors year round, but especially in fall. When I saw this top I thought I'd definitely get some use out of it as a transition from summer to fall piece. I will layer it with a cardigan when the temperatures drop, but for today it was great by itself. I also recently saw that Tieks are coming out with a bronze colored flat. I love them! However I don't love their price. That's when I realized that I had a pair of bronze flats from a few years ago. I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of these this fall! 

Top: Target / Jeans: American Eagle / Flats: Jessica Simpson

Got our bottle of water, we're ready to go!

Playing with puzzles at our Mommy and Me class!

In the fall mood, I made Butternut Squash soup the other night! 

It was delicious! Hubs and Emma both liked it too and asked for more!
(Yes random combination, but we had hard broiled eggs with it for protein.)

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