Monday, September 12, 2016

Country Nation by Brad Paisley

Sunday was the beginning of football season! If you were not aware, hubs is a Browns fan and I'm a Bills fan. We were born and raised on our hometown teams, and even though they're not the best teams in the league right now, we will stay loyal and cheer them on (and support each others teams as well). So we were excited that daycare was having their parents day out on Sunday. We dropped off Emma and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings to enjoy a date day, watching our football games and eating food without having a toddler to keep occupied. Even though both of our teams lost, we still had a good time and enjoyed our date.

Let me just say I will be wearing this outfit again. Once it starts to cool down I'll probably just switch out the tank for a long sleeve shirt, and keep everything else the same lol. I just got this scarf at Target and new navy converse this weekend! For the game I switched out the scarf for my Bills hoodie.
Scarf: Target / Top: Banana Republic / Jeans: Old Navy / Shoes: Converse

Nike Buffalo Bills zip up hoodie

We need to get her some new Bills and Browns clothes! She obviously doesn't fit into the onesies she had last year!

I noticed when I was changing her just how long she is. She doesn't quite fit if she's fully extended... but that isn't very common lol

Hubs and I ready for our date!

Nachos and wings, and Bills and Browns <3

Just love my new shoes!

Who's your football team?

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