Thursday, September 15, 2016

Move by Luke Bryan

The busier we keep the kiddo, the better! On Wednesday, first thing in the morning I took Emma and Bentley to the park. It was still comfortable outside so we played on the playground and took Bentley for a walk. As it warmed up, I realized that the splash pad was still on, so we drove home to drop off Bentley and change into swimsuits. We played in the water till it was clear that Emma was done, then had lunch and naps. Yes, we both needed a nap! Today we went to a Mommy and Me class at the YMCA and had a play date at the local coffee shop. Best idea ever is having a play area at a coffee shop so parents can get coffee and chat while the kiddos play! Then similarly lunch and nap time. After nap time we usually play indoors or outdoors depending on weather, make dinner, and do the bedtime routine. We're starting to make a nice little schedule for ourselves. :)

I mentioned the other day that over the weekend we went to the lake and did some shopping. Well conveniently by the lake is where the outlet mall is located and the closest Target! So I was able to enjoy my monthly trip to Target, because sadly its not closer and I just can't drive an hour each way anytime I want. Hubs was awesome and took Emma around the store so I could try on some things. This dress caught our attention and I loved it. The colors are perfect for the summer to fall transition, but its still so hot here that its light and comfortable. I can add leggings and a cardigan when it finally starts to cool down!
Dress: Target / Flats: Walmart / Earrings: Stella and Dot

She's pretty awesome at taking selfies. I just love coordinating with her and want to share it. However sometimes you take a picture with a container of Puffs so she cooperates. This was a battle not worth fighting :)

Walking Bentley at the park on Wednesday

Having the playground to ourselves is the best!

I want fall, but its still technically summer. The weather agrees. So glad the splash pad is still on!!!

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