Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How I'll Always Be by Tim McGraw

I did it! I dyed my hair! I asked for balayage, which is a french term meaning to sweep or to paint, which is to give the look of grown out highlights. I've been dying my hair for years from a box and realize my roots keep coming in darker. So I wanted to match that, but keep the lighter color that I've had for so long now. So here it is! The roots are a little darker because they will fade and it was a big change, but I like it. I've been playing around with how to style it, doing a lot more curls to blend in the dark to the light. Anyway, the rest of the pictures in today's post are a day in the life of Emma. We had a fun, busy day on Thursday. We have two activities in the morning before lunch and nap, then met up with Daddy at work so we could attend a FRG meeting. I'm also obsessed with the outfit she was wearing :)

If you haven't given LuLaRoe a try yet, I feel like I'm trying to convince you! And I'm not even a consultant! These are new LLR leggings and they're seriously the most comfortable thing ever. I prefer to wear them tucked up to capri length for warm weather or with boots when its cold. They're very versatile that way! And not that jeans are restrictive, but these are great for chasing after a toddler. Plus they come in really pretty prints, so they jazz up my look! 

Shirt: Old Navy / Leggings: LuLaRoe / Shoes: Converse

I want her hoodie. Carter's should make a mommy and me line!!!

Making an animal book at Mommy and Me class

Singing songs and dancing at Music Class

Taking Bentley for a walk

Visiting Daddy at work

Making care packages to send to soldiers overseas!

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