Monday, July 29, 2013

Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift

This post is going to take longer than usual to write because Bentley always thinks that while mommy is on the computer it's playtime. And he currently really wants to play tug of war with his squeaky deer. So I type a few words then give him some attention. Anyway, I'm so happy because I have a new outfit picture for you today! I've debated doing outdoor pictures but since Hubby is not a reliable photographer due to his crazy intern schedule and I don't have a camera remote to do it with a tripod, I'm going to still use my mirror and take the pictures. Excuse the dirty mirror though, Bentley really enjoyed looking at himself in it and giving himself kisses - it was adorable, and I hadn't cleaned it when I took this picture. So that's why there's a line across my face. But here it is, a new outfit picture from our new house!

Tank: Old Navy / Cami: Aeropostale / Shorts: Old Navy / Shoes: Sperry's / Earrings: Stella and Dot

I wore this outfit to an intern picnic. It was a very warm day and a casual event to meet all the other interns of the hospital as well as some of the doctors they are working with. I love these shorts from Old Navy because they are the perfect length for me. I don't like shorts that are super short on me, and I feel the longer ones look a little more appropriate for all events. And this tank just happened to have the same blue in it and go perfectly :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Back to blogging

Hey there readers! I've had a lot of distractions that have kept me away from the blog lately, but I am here to give you updates and get back to blogging again! First off, we moved and I was busy unpacking. Shortly after we moved, Hubby and I became the new proud parents of a Cockeranian puppy (cocker spaniel Pomeranian mix), Bentley. He is totally adorable and has been a wonderful addition to our family.
The day I went to pick him out

First day in his new home

Sleeping with Daddy

An adventure in the sand

With Daddy on our 3rd Anniversary

Relaxing on the coffee table shelf

Meeting his Uncle Charlie in NY

Sitting with our new British friends who flew with us from Philadelphia to Seattle

Three months old and playing with our friends' Labrador Retriever's tennis ball

Hubby is now in his fourth full week of his surgery internship. It's full of long hours, new systems and paperwork, and working six days a week instead of five, but after he does a surgery case, he's always happy with his choice. And I'm loving our new home and already have some good friends so we're settling right in. 
Naptime on the 4th of July

The biggest distraction from the blog has been my dad. A week after he and my mom returned home from driving my car across the country and visiting us, he was taken to the hospital. He was completely normal except he could not complete sentences. We thought he was having a stroke. The first few days were very up and down with his memory and speech. Then he had seizures in his right leg. They gave him medications to stop the seizures and he got very tired and would be asleep all the time. The doctors were doing all sorts of tests to figure out what was wrong. In the meantime, they started him on prednisone and he has slowly started getting better. Both my older siblings and I flew home to see him since no one knew what was happening. Bentley and I were home for two weeks. My dad is still in the hospital but will hopefully be discharged soon to a Rehab facility or home with PT. 
Doing a crossword puzzle, one of his favorite things

So that's a basic update of what's going on. I have new outfit pictures and pictures of our new place to come next week! I'm excited to share it all with you! Thanks for sticking around even though I have not been on the blog much lately. I really hope to post more regularly now!