Saturday, April 30, 2011

Time After Time sung by Javier Colon from The Voice

It was a wonderful Saturday. I didn't wake up to an alarm, the house was clean because we were supposed to show the house (but they never came), I re-dyed my hair (so my roots are blonde again), and had a relaxing afternoon. Tonight I'm going out with the ladies... we only have a few more weekends to do this!!!

Shirt: Charlotte Russe / Cami: Abercrombie and Fitch / Jeans: Gap / Shoes: Macy's

And here's what I made for dinner tonight: 
Chicken stuffed with pepper jack cheese and bacon bit and mashed potatoes... looks kind of boring, tasted kind of awesome!

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Did you wake up early to watch the wedding? I did!!!! It was beautiful and I'm glad I watched this piece of history. It may have been way too early and towards the end, I had to get ready for school, but it was worth it. Plus, I was able to dress down at school so that was awesome. Last weekend, I bought this sweatshirt at a gift shop. It says The Greenbrier, America's Resort. The Greenbrier is located in White Sulphur Springs, WV which is a connecting town to where we live and we live in Greenbrier County. Since we're moving in a month and a half, I decided I needed something to always remember living down here (besides WVSOM) so this sweatshirt was perfect!

Sweatshirt: The Greenbrier / Jeans: Hollister / Shoes: Toms / Necklace: Stella and Dot

(Its in mirror image, but it says The Greenbrier America's Resort)

Also, last night's episode of The Office was definitely a tear jerker. Its hard not to when all of the actors are crying (and you know its real tears). It was hard to say goodbye to Michael, but I'm looking forward to the last three episodes of the season to see where they're gonna go without him. :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Office (Main Theme) by Starlite Orchestra

Tonight is Steve Carrell's last episode. Wish me luck as I try to hold back tears.

In other news, last night we had an awful storm. I woke up at 1:30am to a crazy thunder and lightning storm that took out our power and brought down many trees in the area. It was really weird that at that time of night, it looked like it was day by how much lightning we were getting. And I woke up right before my alarm this morning to sirens... not sure if it was ambulances going to people who had more devastation than we did or fire trucks going to move trees from the streets.

Today's outfit was created for two reasons. I really wanted to wear green since I realized I haven't in a while, and because I wasn't sure if the weather would be cool or warm, therefore I wore capris with tights, so that I was cool and warm :)

Sweater: Peebles / Capris: Gap / Tights: Danskin / Shoes: Macy's

Jim Halpert: Does that include 'that's what she said'?
Michael Scott: Mmhh, yes.
Jim Halpert: Wow that is really hard. You really think you can go all day long? Well, you always left me satisfied and smiling.
Michael Scott: Mmmm... THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy by Rod Stewart

Only reason for this song title is because a friend of mine was singing it and got it stuck in my head. Otherwise, it was a normal day. School all morning, zumba this afternoon, dinner, and grocery shopping later. Its another very warm day, although a little windy and a small thunderstorm earlier, so I was able to wear another summer outfit.

Cardigan: American Eagle / Top: Kohl's / Skirt: Old Navy

My outfit was very monotone, but I liked it. My legs are very white and blend in with my skirt, so I decided to go with a different location for the picture and just crop them out. :)

And here's what I look like sitting at the teacher's desk at school.... I had a free period so I thought I'd have some fun with my new camera!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

That One Night from The Office

This week is going to be sad. Specifically on Thursday night at 10pm when The Office episode of Steve Carrell's last show is over. The past two episodes have made me tear up, and I can only imagine how I will react on Thursday. I am clearly anticipating sadness.

Anyway, today was a good one. I am doing music at an elementary school all week. We are playing a bean bag game to learn the names of the lines and spaces of the staff. After school I relaxed for a bit, had dinner with the hubster, and went to choir rehearsal. Today it was 81 degrees and tomorrow will be another day in the 70s, so I was able to wear a cooler outfit and will tomorrow as well.

Cardigan: Peebles / Capris: Marshalls / Shoes: Macy's / Belt: from a dress

I am now going to enjoy watching The Office reruns!!! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter to everyone!!! I played trumpet with a brass quintet for two Easter services today. In between services, the church had a wonderful brunch for everyone and they were gracious to include the bro, hubster, and I. After the second service, hubster went to school to continue studying and my bro and I drove to Beckley, WV to see a performance by my landlord. It was very funny and enjoyable, and after some ice cream, the bro headed back home to Tennessee. When I got home, I took a nap and realized I hadn't taken my outfit picture today, but I took a group shot of the quintet and you can see what I wore.

Sweater: Banana Republic / Skirt: Gap (I also wore my navy heels, plus my fun blue/grey earrings)

Hope you had a great day!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jump (the Glee Cast version)

Yesterday when my brother arrived, we decided to walk up and down main street and went into the high end shoe store in town. That's where I found my new pair of TOMS!!!! I was really excited to find them since I was debating ordering a pair online, but its always easier to get things in the store and try them on to make sure I really did like them. Well I loved them. I am so happy to have found them, and I love the "One for One" concept!

Shirt: Hollister / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: TOMS

Here's one of my new Stella and Dot necklaces:

with the TOMS flag... which in mirror image looks like SMOT...

Today we went to Bob Evans for brunch, because the place we wanted to go didn't serve breakfast food at 11 am on Saturday, then we went to the Farmer's Market and bought some ground beef and ciabatta buns for dinner tonight, and drove around the area for a bit. Then we went for a walk/bike ride on the Greenbrier River Trail for about 2 hours. Now its time to freshen up, make our dinner, and then we'll probably spend some time at the pub or wine bar in town. It started as a rainy 55 degree day and it turned into a sunny 75 degree day! Its been very enjoyable.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Today was cold and rainy. Therefore I wanted to be warm and comfortable. My brother came up today for the weekend to visit. We walked around town in the rain, but had an enjoyable afternoon. I changed the zip up hoodie to my favorite brown cardigan for dinner.

Shirt: American Eagle / Cami: Aeropostale / Hoodie: Target / Jeans: Hollister / Shoes: Gap

(I told you my outfits often match my Vera purses)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ever Ever After by Carrie Underwood

Today is my first official day of spring break, however its only in the 60s after a couple days of 70s/80s so its kind of a bummer. I was really excited about the top I decided to wear today, since its the first time I've worn it since I bought it in February, but I realized I needed to wear something warm with it because I'd otherwise I'd be cold. Here's the way I wanted to wear it:
Top: Charlotte Russe / Jeans: Hollister / Shoes: Shoe Show / Watch: American Eagle

And how I wore it in colder weather:
Jacket: Old Navy / Sneakers: Walmart

And one up close so you can see the detail:
Earrings that match the teal detail: Claire's

On the agenda today: Practice trumpet for Easter service. check. Get gas for the lawnmower, make the bed so the house is beautiful to show to people at 5, BBQ at a friends house at 6, and new episode of The Office at 9!!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stella and Dot Jewelry Party!

Today I hosted a Stella and Dot Trunk Show. All day I cleaned up, picked up some snacks and drinks, and other things around the house to get ready. We had a great time at the party, and because I'm tired and its getting late, I will let the pictures speak for me.

First off, today's outfit was simple and versatile so that the jewelry would stand out and all pieces would look good with my outfit. Here it is:
Shirt: Miley Cyrus / Cami: Abercrombie and Fitch / Jeans: Gap / Shoes: Macy's

Here are pictures from the party, starting with my homemade centerpiece :)

Checking out the table of jewelry 

 Our stylist, Lindsey, telling us about the jewelry

Trying on one of the necklaces

 Everyone wearing some jewelry:

It was a lot of fun, a time to catch up with friends and check out sweet jewelry. I ended up ordering two necklaces and a pair of earrings. I'm so excited to wear them and show them to you!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

Yesterday I wore a great outfit. I went to school to sub for high school math, and also covered two other classes during my free periods. I didn't get home till 4:30 because I was talking to the other music teachers, talked to my mom for like an hour, and missed Zumba. I was really hungry and made myself a snack. Then I decided I was pretty tired and would take a quick nap.... which turned into about 4 and a half hours. When the hubster came home about halfway through my nap, he woke me up however my head hurt so I went right back to sleep. When I finally woke up, I changed into PJs and tidied up the house. I realized I had not taken a picture of my awesome outfit, so I decided I would put it back on today and take a picture.

Shirt: Peebles / Skirt: Gap / Shoes: Macy's / Watch: American Eagle

During my long nap last night, I missed sub calls for today, so therefore I didn't go to work today. I felt so off after my nap yesterday that I was kind of glad to have a break. I think my spring break is going to start a little early, which is just fine with me! So instead I got things ready around the house for my jewelry party tomorrow night... cleaned, washed wine glasses (that have never been used since my bridal shower, so I'm glad to get them out!!!), picked some fresh flowers, laundry, cleaned out my car, and lots more, before choir practice tonight. Here's today's outfit for around the house today:

and for choir practice: 
Blazer: American Eagle / Shirt: Gap / Jeans: UnionBay / Shoes: Shoe Show

I hope this made up for my lack of post yesterday!!! There should be some good pictures for the next couple of days, and I'm really excited to host a Stella and Dot Jewelry party tomorrow!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who Says by Selena Gomez

It has been a lazy Sunday for me. Hubster has had class all day. I have had breakfast, watched tv, had lunch when the hubster came home, took a nap, did an arm workout and crunches, showered, and made dinner. I will be doing dishes and cleaning out my car shortly, then watching the rest of Eat Pray Love and the new Desperate Housewives. 

Dinner was so yummy, I had to share:

Chicken, bowtie pasta, and asparagus in a tomato vodka sauce with fresh strawberries.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

Today is my dad's birthday. Since the hubster and I made the long drive up and back last weekend, we are missing his birthday today... however I hope the card I sent gets there on time!!! One of the perks of our upcoming move is that instead of 10 hours to drive home, it will only take 5, which is so much more doable for a weekend. Plus, little sis will be an hour away at college... weird, little sis will be in college.

I woke up early this morning.... well wanted to but ended up laying in bed for about an hour because I was just so darn comfortable. Finally got up, took a shower, and tidied up the rest of the house. We had people come check it out and 10, and after they left it was time for breakfast and to get ready for the rest of my day. Unfortunately, its raining today, which is not what you want for an Easter egg hunt. The med school spouses club is having an Easter egg hunt for kids in the community today, and will now be in the alumni building at the school instead of outside on the lawn. I still think we'll have a good time, we just have to be more creative about hiding the eggs.

Here's todays outfit. My favorite new jeans, plus a colorful scarf to be in the Easter mood.

Shirt: Columbia / Scarf: Peebles / Tank: Hollister / Jeans: Gap / Shoes: Macy's

Friday, April 15, 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road from The Wizard of Oz

School. check. Nap. check. Date with the hubster. check. Watching a movie with him now.... check.

I couldn't decide which shoes to wear today... I had a pair of beige heels and a pair of shorter red heels. The beige heels are Naturalizers and the red heels are from my mom's closet :)

Cardigan: American Eagle

 Shirt: Marshall's / Jeans: Hollister

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lean on Me by Bill Withers

The search for a place to live next year has been going on since late November (when I excitedly googled places in the area). It really started in January when we started making appointments to check out places. I'm really hoping that by the end of this week, it will be over. I would be much happier then having a moving truck to nowhere....

Second to last day at this elementary school doing music. No jobs lined up for next week yet, but its only a half week. The kids should have a long spring break, starting thursday and going through all of the following week, but due to snow days, they only have thursday, friday, and the following monday off. At least they get a few days (and me too!).

One of the highlights of my evening was The Office. It always makes me happy. I needed to be happy after hearing the place we thought we would get for next year was no longer available :(

Today's outfit was inspired by Sydney from The Daybook... I wouldn't normally pair khaki with white, because my first reaction would be to add a bold color, but I really liked my outfit today. I had planned on wearing a skirt like Sydney's but it was just too cold this morning to convince myself to wear anything but pants.

Scarf: Old Navy / Shirt: LOFT / Cami: Abercrombie and Fitch / Pants: Peebles / Shoes: BareTraps

I decided to add a touch of green and blue. I think it turned out pretty well :)