Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

Back to school today. I enjoyed a long weekend, but need to get back into my regular schedule. Its raining too, so perfect day to be inside a school all day.

The top I wore today was another new purchase from the weekend.... Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch were having 50% off redlines, so this top was originally like $50 and I bought it for $15!!! I love good deals like that. Plus, I love the bright pink color and I was hoping to find a checkered or plaid shirt, so I really lucked out.

Top: Hollister / Pants: JCPenney / Shoes: Clarks

Also, I am thrilled that my new Vera Bradley purse finally arrived!!!! It even matches my fleece jacket, which I love. It totally fits everything perfectly inside and its just so cute! 

Also in good news.... my sister has finally chosen a college and decided on my alma mater!!!! She also has a prom date. :) And I got a new camera so when we have nice weather days, maybe I can take photos outside again (since my old camera only let me do that once before deciding to never work right again)!

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  1. I passed the "New Stylish Blogger" award onto you! Check it out at my blog.

    I love your Vera Bradley bag!