Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Half of My Heart performed by Michael Henry and Justin Robinett

Today I took two 5th grade classes to our local mall to perform. When I got to school, I had all 48 of them for an hour to rehearse and get things ready for our performance. The teacher had left behind what I should say to the crowd and music for me, so that I could conduct them. They all wore matching t-shirts, sang 5 songs, and danced to a couple of them. There were a few other elementary schools there to perform as well. I think they all did a pretty good job. Afterwards, we took them to a park to have lunch and play on the playground. We went to the library and had a tour, and then went back to school. It was a fun day!

Here's what I wore for warmer yet not quite comfortable without a light jacket weather...

Cardigan: Old Navy / Cami: Aerie / Skirt: Banana Republic / Tights: Danskin / Shoes: Macy's

If you haven't noticed, this is definitely one of my favorite sweaters! :)

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