Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

Today is my dad's birthday. Since the hubster and I made the long drive up and back last weekend, we are missing his birthday today... however I hope the card I sent gets there on time!!! One of the perks of our upcoming move is that instead of 10 hours to drive home, it will only take 5, which is so much more doable for a weekend. Plus, little sis will be an hour away at college... weird, little sis will be in college.

I woke up early this morning.... well wanted to but ended up laying in bed for about an hour because I was just so darn comfortable. Finally got up, took a shower, and tidied up the rest of the house. We had people come check it out and 10, and after they left it was time for breakfast and to get ready for the rest of my day. Unfortunately, its raining today, which is not what you want for an Easter egg hunt. The med school spouses club is having an Easter egg hunt for kids in the community today, and will now be in the alumni building at the school instead of outside on the lawn. I still think we'll have a good time, we just have to be more creative about hiding the eggs.

Here's todays outfit. My favorite new jeans, plus a colorful scarf to be in the Easter mood.

Shirt: Columbia / Scarf: Peebles / Tank: Hollister / Jeans: Gap / Shoes: Macy's

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