Tuesday, April 26, 2011

That One Night from The Office

This week is going to be sad. Specifically on Thursday night at 10pm when The Office episode of Steve Carrell's last show is over. The past two episodes have made me tear up, and I can only imagine how I will react on Thursday. I am clearly anticipating sadness.

Anyway, today was a good one. I am doing music at an elementary school all week. We are playing a bean bag game to learn the names of the lines and spaces of the staff. After school I relaxed for a bit, had dinner with the hubster, and went to choir rehearsal. Today it was 81 degrees and tomorrow will be another day in the 70s, so I was able to wear a cooler outfit and will tomorrow as well.

Cardigan: Peebles / Capris: Marshalls / Shoes: Macy's / Belt: from a dress

I am now going to enjoy watching The Office reruns!!! :)

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