Sunday, September 25, 2016

Crash and Burn by Thomas Rhett

Yesterday we went to St Louis. Its hubby's last golden weekend for a few weeks, so we wanted to get out and do something fun. We had been told to check out The Magic House Children's Museum so we started there. Emma didn't care for the car ride, so we were glad to get her out and let her play. She had a great time! Her favorites were the water table (any surprise there from my water baby?), the ball pit, the grocery store, and the light sticks. After that we had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. I know there's plenty of local restaurants we could try, but Cheesecake is one of my favorites and anytime we tried to go in Seattle the wait was too long and we didn't stay. So we got in after just a 10 minute wait and had a great lunch. Hubs and I split a piece of cheesecake to finish and even got two more slices to take home! To end our day in the city, we found a cute little farmer's market. They had a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as pumpkins and mums. I could have bought so many things, but stuck to just what we needed. Luckily Emma decided she was tired enough to take a nap so we drove home from there. After dinner and bath time, it was finally cool enough to take Bentley for an evening walk. :)

This outfit started with the shoes. I wanted to wear my Converse since we'd be walking around quite a bit. Then I went with a sleeveless top because the high was 90! Jeans were an obvious choice, and the tote fit everything we needed for the day. And that's how an outfit comes together!

Top: Walmart / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Converse / Tote: Target

Best $5 tote ever!

This little one is now a year and a half!

Water table!

Cooking with daddy in the play kitchen

So many balls!

Doing some grocery shopping

Controlling the city's electricity

What's under the numbers?

She played with these sticks for quite some time

She loves stuffed animals

Lunch at Cheesecake Factory!

Key Lime Cheesecake!

Somebody was not ready for this picture lol

Fall at the Farmer's Market!

So many pretty flowers

If you live in the Kirkland area of St. Louis, you are so lucky.

Back home to our sweet boy <3 

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