Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blue Ain't Your Color by Keith Urban

I'm getting my hair done today! I'm going to get it cut and colored. I haven't had my hair professionally colored since junior year of college when I was in the fall play and was asked by the director to dye it black. I had written on my audition form that my hair color was blonde/brown which brought up the conversation of if I would dye it and I said sure! I didn't realize I was agreeing to black! Anyway, a $5 box of hair dye the night before we opened and I had black hair. I tried to dye it back to blonde on my own with no luck, so the day of my sorority formal I went to the local hair salon, spent much more than $5 and looked like myself again. Even though hubs had to do a double take when he saw me ready for the night! Today I'm planning to get balayage. I'm hoping it looks natural and is easy upkeep. As for cut, probably just a trim but we'll see what happens!

I wore this outfit yesterday. We ran a few errands and Emma had her regular checkup. I'm loving that its cooled down enough to wear some of the new things that I bought for fall! Its so much more bearable to be outside and play!
Sweater pullover: Walmart / Capris: Marshall's / Flats: Walmart / Watch: Coach

Playing in the front yard after our afternoon naps

Trying to put her leash on Bentley

Just hanging out

Kissing her fake Bentley

Sun setting, American flag, waiting for daddy to get home :)

Chicken and veggies for dinner!

Hubs bought Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin for us to enjoy watching with Emma. She doesn't quite sit still for a whole movie yet, but I love that he did that for us. We'll be watching these two movies plenty of times in the next few years!

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