Friday, March 11, 2011

Everything by Michael Buble

TGIF!!!! Working everyday makes you really appreciate the weekends.

Today the kiddos had some listening issues. They wouldn't listen! Sometimes, you have to get right in their face for them to realize you are talking to them. I think they are ready for the weekend too.

We lose an hour this weekend, which is not fun at all. My favorite day of the year is when we have 25 hours and I always feel accomplished, but having 23 hours is just not enough. At least I can sleep in on Monday, since we have a Kiddie Fair that doesn't start till 11am.

Today was a casual friday for me. I wasn't entirely sure what to wear today, but figured out something that would keep me warm. It was supposed to snow 2-5 inches last night, and well we didn't get anything. Its always such a letdown when there's a lot of hype about the weather and it doesn't happen.

Jacket: not sure / Turtleneck: Stradivarius (a store in Spain) / Jeans: Hollister / Shoes: American Eagle / Watch: American Eagle

I'm trying to be serious here....

This is an open jacket view...

This is what the outfit looks like laid out the night before. Imagine the purple zip up hoodie has the fleur de lis printed on it... the only one I could find said Gap.

Everywhere by Michael Buble
Everywhere by Michael Buble by dianamathias featuring fleur de lis jewelry

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