Thursday, March 17, 2011

Danny Boy by Frederic Weatherly

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Today, a leprechaun came and visited my classroom. He left footprints on our floor and his pot of gold. We decided to hide the pot of gold in case he came back to look for it. When we came back from lunch, the pot of gold was gone and he had trashed our room!!!

We had fun with this mystery today with the kiddos. The other PreK teacher and I had painted them on the floor yesterday after school (no worries, we told the janitors and cleaned it up today ourselves). We started at the door, made it look like he jumped up on the table, continued on the floor, over the carpet, and out the window. We left the pot of gold by the carpet and put it on its side so the gold was spilling out, as if he tripped and let it go by accident on his way out of the room. When they came in, they couldn't stop looking at the footprints. They would run to the door follow the steps to the window and run back to the door. They all put their own foot on the marks to see if it matched. While we were at lunch, my aide put the now hidden pot of gold in a new place where the kids didn't know so it looked like he came back to take it, and some other teachers helped out by pushing chairs around and throwing toilet paper around the room to make it look like he trashed the place. "We made the leprechaun mad by trying to hide his gold from him." The rest of the day, the kiddos kept coming up with ideas of what he would do next. However we had dads, brothers, uncles, etc come to play with them in the gym and most of the kiddos went home with them afterwards, so during naptime we washed the footprints off. It was a pretty fun day in our class!

Since its St. Patrick's Day, I went through my closet finding all my green and I sure do have a lot. I was going to wear one of my favorite sweaters but then realized how warm it was going to be and went with a long sleeved shirt instead. Its a hooded shirt that I bought in St. Thomas when it got cold at night and I hadn't brought anything to keep me warm while we were there. It has a horseshoe on the front and says feeling lucky. I decided I didn't want that to be an inappropriate innuendo that someone would pick up on, so I wore a scarf to cover it up. I looked pretty festive :)

Shirt: be as you are (St. Thomas) / Scarf: Joe Boxer from Kmart / Pants: Peebles / Shoes: BareTraps

This is upclose of the design I was hiding during school... (however its the mirror image, because I can't figure out how to flip it since this is how macbook takes pics on photo booth)

 Now I'm going to a Stella and Dot jewelry party with a friend, so I decided I can take off the scarf....

and now i'm just having fun....

and a little bit more :)

So yesterday I mentioned I have a lot of green in my closet. I would just like to point out that this picture is NOT all of it..... 
(the coloring looks a little off, in person these greens are a lot brighter)

By the way, I'm thinking for my 50th post, I'm going to highlight some of my favorite outfits I've worn so far, so if you have any personal favorites, let me know!!!! :)

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