Thursday, March 3, 2011

For the First Time by The Script

It has been a long but good day. Good day at school with the kiddos. No mishaps like yesterday. Came home and started getting things done around the house. Hubster came home and said there was a spaghetti dinner at his school, so we went there for dinner. Hung out with some friends at dinner. Decided with a friend to go workout, which was excellent. Finally came home, finished laundry and odds and ends, talked with my sister about the colleges she has applied to, and got ready for bed. Then realized I hadn't blogged today.

My ear is feeling so much better and has popped a few more times today. It gets clearer every time.

Here is my outfit of the day:

Shirt: Gap / Skirt: New York and Co. / Tights: Walmart / Shoes: Macy's (Karen Scott) / Scarf: Peebles

I'm trying to figure out new poises or what looks best. Any suggestions???

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