Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland

Kiddos were back today. I had 11, including a girl who hasn't been there since December because of leg surgery. The last mom to pick up their child is a teacher, and as we were walking out, she mentioned to me that her daughter is singing more and she can tell I'm a music teacher. That made me happy to know that even in a regular classroom I can incorporate music, and its making a difference.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and we have asked all the kiddos to wear green. I'm already going through all the green in my closet picking out what to wear tomorrow. Yes, green is one of my favorite colors, so I do have a lot of it. Let's see how creative I can be :)

Anyway, here's today's outfit. Similar to one I've worn before, but I was excited about wearing my wide leg trousers.

Sweater: Gap / Belt: Charlotte Russe / Pants: J. Crew / Shoes: Steve Madden

Here is what I'm wearing up close:

Anyone willing to give me a massage? I could really use one.... :)

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