Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just A Kiss by Lady Antebellum

Today I subbed middle school math. It was fun to do fractions and ratios etc. Since they were reviewing, I actually got to do the problems on the board and help them out. I like when I actually get to teach them something vs give them worksheets and make sure they're doing what they're supposed to do.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! It was a beautiful day but only got to 59 degrees today. The hubster and I are off to a friends for some dinner and drinks, then watching Grey's with the girls, and lots of packing to do tonight. I'm off to Pittsburgh/Weirton for the weekend to play in a Westminster alumni band, see some friends, start moving things into the new apartment, and help another friend find a place in Weirton who's in the same situation... moving from Lewisburg with her husband who is also finishing his second year right now.

Anyway, for today's outfit I did something that I never really thought I would do: wear a scarf with a button down shirt. I always felt it was awkward to have the scarf and a collared neck, but it worked pretty well. A lot of other bloggers have done it, so I finally gave in and really liked it. A white button down shirt can be kind of boring, so I was glad the scarf gave it a little something.

Shirt: American Eagle / Scarf: Peebles / Pants: Macy's / Shoes: Clarks

And I changed to jeans for hanging out with friends: 
Jeans: Unionbay

Have a great night! Maybe even a fiesta :)

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