Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Awakening by Joseph Martin

The life of a substitute can be lots of fun. In three days I will have subbed high school choir, high school agriculture, and preK... always something different. The only down side is that you may not have a job everyday, but I've been pretty lucky for the past few months that I've had a job everyday.

I had checked the weather yesterday and it said it was going to 68, so I chose to wear a skirt to keep cool but wear a sweater in case it was a cool 68... well it is currently 79, so I'm glad I only had a morning half day so I could change out of the sweater before it got too warm. However, tomorrow the temperature is going to be 49, so the sweater would have been more appropriate tomorrow. Oh well, here it is today:

Sweater: Kmart / Skirt: Gap / Shoes: Macy's

Best part of the sweater... I bought it for 99 cents!!!!! I was getting my bangs trimmed last week in the same plaza and saw they had somethings for 99 cents so I thought I'd check it out and scored this one, a black cable knit sweater, and two shirts for the hubster. My total was $4!!!!! :)

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