Monday, May 9, 2011

3 by Britney Spears

The weekend was successful. Friday, I drove up to Westminster to play with some alumni for the band concert. We played on the piece, Praise Jerusalem, which is 400+ measures long for the combined bands, plus an antiphonal brass ensemble (which was the alums). We played at the end of the piece from the balcony and it was pretty awesome. My band director didn't announce that we were there and it was funny to watch the audience turn around and be startled that we were above them. Here are the other trumpet players, and the one in the middle was my trumpet professor:
We were supposed to wear all black so I took the opportunity to wear two necklaces together to make it a little more exciting :)

I stayed with a friend on campus that night. Saturday, I headed to Weirton to sign the lease and get the keys to our new apartment. Then I met up with a friend who lives close by, had dinner and went to her sister's art show, then met up with another friend at Cheesecake Factory. This friend is also moving to Weirton and was able to find her new place this weekend. We stayed on blow up mattresses in the new apartment, which had power but no water for the night. (Luckily there's a gas station right next door so we could go potty!) Yesterday, we had brunch and drove back to Lewisburg. It was a very enjoyable weekend.
At Cheesecake Factory

Today was a great day after a long weekend. I was able to sleep in, meet up with a friend and go for a long weekend and lay out in the beautiful sun. Then I came home to have dinner with the hubster and have a relaxing and accomplished evening. I spent the whole day in yoga capris and a tshirt. Which leads me to today's outfit. Its actually from last week before I went to Zumba. Sometimes I really like to make my sweats outfit match and look nice, so here it is:

I love Victoria's Secret!!!! :)

Hope you all had a great weekend yourselves and have a great night!

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