Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga

So my lack of post yesterday is not my fault.... blogger was acting up and wouldn't let me sign in. Anyway, its been a busy couple of days of packing things up to get ready for the move. We're gonna drive up to the apartment this weekend to take a car full of stuff and so the hubster can finally see it! I have packed up most of the kitchen appliances and things that we received as wedding presents that haven't been used much yet (or may still be in their original box), boxes of stuff from the study that I haven't needed for the past few months, the entire front closet of winter coats and christmas/thanksgiving decorations, and some pictures and decorations that we don't need to have here now. The more stuff I can go through now and get packed up the better for the actual move.
(Taking a break from packing to go to zumba.... Corona t-shirt and a ponytail)

Today was my last Zumba class in Lewisburg. It was a great class and we had cookie cake to celebrate (sort of eating the calories back that we just burned lol). I'll miss those zumbies!

I also started going through my wardrobe to see what outfits I can make. Sometimes I'm just not feeling creative in the morning or before I need to get dressed, if I haven't thought about it ahead of time. I also love checking out other blogs and getting ideas of what works well together... however sometimes I don't have the same pieces or it just doesn't look good on me as it does on other bloggers, but the inspiration is very helpful. I'm excited to show you what I've put together! This outfit is one that I will wait to wear till the fall, but I was inspired by Jessica from What I Wore. Its all about the classics, which is something I'm always fan of. Here's my take on it:
Peacoat: J. Crew / Shirt: Peebles / Jeans: Gap / Heels: Shoe Show

And here's the dinner that I made last night. I make a mean spaghetti. Now what is that supposed to mean.... making a mean dinner? It was seriously awesome. I kick butt at sauce :)

Back to packing, organizing, cleaning, and catching the American Idol finale!

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