Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome to my first ever blog!


Let me introduce myself. My name is Diana Mathias. I am a substitute teacher married to a medical school student. We are currently in West Virginia, and in June are moving to the Pittsburgh, PA area for his third and fourth year following doctors in different hospitals. I am originally from Rochester, NY and he is originally from Cleveland, OH, so living in a little town in WV has been a new experience for us.

Recently there has been “a lot” of snow down here. The amount of snow down here is nowhere close to what my husband and I are used to, since we come from areas that get a lot of lake effect snow. However, since they are not quite as prepared for winter weather, we have had many snow days. I lost count after about 10….

Anyway, that means that I’ve had a lot of time to sit around the house and do lots of nothing. The first thing I always do is clean up the house… normally just little things like dishes, tidying up, and laundry. Well, the house is sparkling clean and I needed something to do. I spend a lot of time sitting in front of my laptop searching the web for random things, online window shopping, and checking up the latest on facebook. During my random searching on the internet, I came across the fabulous world of fashion, food, and everyday blogs.

These blogs have opened my eyes. I have found in my spare time that I like being creative with my clothes, meals, and things in my life. Therefore, I want to share them. I think my husband is happy that I have something else to do, more and different foods to eat, and a cute looking girl in the house. :)

Hope you enjoy!!!


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