Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Born This Way by Lady Gaga

The kiddos were back in school today. There were 12 of them, which is the most we've had since I've been there. Some of them keep coughing and sneezing and picking their nose, and well I'm not feeling as good as usual tonight. I'm about to take some advil and head to bed really early.

Anyway, I really liked the shirt in today's outfit. It's once that I purchased this weekend. I like that this shirt is a plain white tee shirt, but the design makes it more fun. This top was something I could dress up, like I did, or can easily be dressed down.

Cardigan: Peebles / Shirt: Old Navy / Pants: Macy's / Shoes: Clarks

By the way, did any of you see Lady Gaga get brought in to the Grammy's in an egg? Half of the fun of the award shows is to see what they wear on the red carpet, and you couldn't see her! Oh well, whatever she would wear would be very weird anyway,

I'm off to my bed. Goodnight!


  1. You did great with that shirt. It really makes your outfit. I love it :) Hope you feel better in the morning. There is so much sickness going around.

  2. adorable shirt! and i hope you don't catch any germs...i've missed you since we've both been actually working full days lately!