Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Morning by Maroon 5

Today I went to Yoga! I really enjoy it. Its interesting how you can get yourself into the poises and it really feels like you're getting a work out. I feel relaxed and energized when I'm done. Other than that, I washed dishes, had lunch, and relaxed. Its been a pretty great sunday.

It is currently 63 degrees outside. It has been a beautiful day, however it is now raining.

Its getting so warm, I really need to look through my wardrobe and see what I have that works for warmer weather! I am very happy to do this, however its still on the cusp of some day being in the 60s and some being in the 40s, so I feel like the weather is teasing me. One day I'm in a warm sweater, the next I'm wearing tanks and t-shirts.

Anyway, I tried to mix comfort with style.
Baseball tee: Hollister / Jeans: American Eagle / Heels: Shoe Show / Watch: American Eagle

Off to get those groceries so I can make dinner!!!

Aaaaand this is the dinner we made....

Tomato Soup, Grilled cheese sandwich, asparagus with almonds.... soooo good!


  1. Go yoga!! I was almost expecting to see your yoga outfit bc it was so cute! i tend to look bummy going there and back but with your flats earlier u could have gone grocery shopping and looked cute.

  2. Thanks!!! I was thinking about using that outfit too, but I changed to get groceries. That outfit will probably make an appearance on here someday soon...

  3. That baseball tee is really cute! And the dinner pic is making me kind of hungry.

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