Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mine by Taylor Swift

It was a fabulous Saturday in our house. We had a productive morning of cleaning up the house a bit and getting ourselves showered and ready for the day. Then we had a couple come look at the house. After we talked with them, Cory and I had a pretty relaxing day on the couch, just hanging out. I made chicken and biscuit casserole for dinner and then we went out for desert at a cute cafe in town. Now we're back home to cuddle and watch a movie. I enjoy the days that he takes off from studying, and its great to spend real time with him since I won't be around most of next week/weekend.

We also decided to experiment with my camera to take my outfit pictures. The lighting is definitely different, and I definitely don't have the best camera in the world. We are amateurs, but we tried....
first attempt was good... however there's sun on my head...

so I moved over and it was much better! The color is definitely lighter outside and darker inside, but the colors of my outfit are really somewhere in between..... We will continue to play around from time to time with my camera and see what works better.....

Sweater: Peebles / Cami: Aeropostale / Jeans: Hollister / Shoes: Steve Madden / Pearls: super sale?

and I love these shoes so much, I felt they needed a little bit of their own glory. Aren't they awesome?

Time for the movie.... we're going to watch Up in the Air. :)

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