Saturday, February 19, 2011

Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti

Hello from Pittsburgh! Thanks to free wireless internet in the hotel, I can post today! Its been a busy past two days, but fun and successful.

Thursday night I had stayed overnight on the campus of my alma mater with some friends. Yesterday, my sister auditioned for the music department to possibly go there next year. After all the events at school, we went over to the outlet mall close by and enjoyed some President's Day sales!!!! We did really well and I wish we had more time to check out more stores. We met up with a friend for dinner, then went back to campus for a band concert. We finally drove to our hotel about 40 minutes away.

Today we checked out the area I will be living in next year, had a late lunch, went to a movie (Just Go With It.... it was really good too), checked out a bookstore and sporting goods store, then headed back to the hotel for dinner. The hotel is right next to a Primanti Brothers... which if you don't know is a Pittsburgh specialty. They are known for their sandwiches that have your choice of meat and cheese, with coleslaw and french fries in the sandwich. Soooo good!

Tomorrow I will head back to southern West Virginia and my siblings will head back to campus for a President's Day perspective student program on Monday.

It was pretty cool and windy today, so I decided that layers were important today. This picture is one I took a few weeks ago, because I was proud of the outfit. I completely copied it today:

Sweater: Old Navy / Plaid Shirt: American Eagle / Jeans: Hollister / Shoes: Steve Madden / Belt: from a dress

I am off to bed now. It has been a long day :)

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time! Have a safe trip back home!