Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hollywood by Michael Buble

Today was a lazy Saturday. I did end up going with a friend to pick up a pair of shoes, went out for birthday dinner, and am about to meet up with some girls for a movie. So overall a good day! :)

I was excited about my outfit because they are a bunch of my favorite things. I wish the lighting in my house was better or the flash from my laptop would pick up colors better, but everything is kind of dark anyway.....

(The top is dark blue, the sweater is dark green, and my shoes are brown.)
Ruffled neck tank: Old Navy / Zip Up Sweater: Ralph Lauren / Jeans: Hollister / Shoes: Not sure of the brand... I purchased them at Shoe Show

I love the neckline of the tank. The sweater is from the boys section of Ralph Lauren. I love the fit of Hollister jeans. The shoes match the polo horse on the sweater perfectly. This is why my outfit is a bunch of my favorites :)

Off to a friends for the movie. Glad to have a relaxing day. Need to save my energy to watch the Superbowl tomorrow... GO Packers!!!!!

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