Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine

I'm trying the song of the day blog titles. That's definitely the music teacher in me. Since Punxsutawny Phil didn't see his shadow, spring is coming early... so I thought the song title was fitting :)

Today was packed with errands and such, and it was up to 52 degrees today!
Here's what happened:
found out I may have a little allergy  to some of my surroundings.
bought the healthiest groceries ever
went to Zumba (my favorite way to burn calories!)
taste tested 20 soups, then chose 2 to actually have for dinner (a dinner event at my husband's med school)

Since I was doing something after my workout, I decided to pick an outfit that was light and for lack of a better word, airy, so I could change back into it and be presentable (and not sweaty).

And when it got a little cooler....

Shirt: JCPenny / Jean: American Eagle / Black heels: Clarks

Now its time for me to get ready for school. I am very happy to report that I am subbing for high school choir for the next two days... pretty much the best job ever!

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