Sunday, May 27, 2012

Free by Zac Brown Band

So far this memorial day weekend has been jam packed with fun events. Friday was the bachelorette party and yesterday we tailgated for most of the afternoon and went to the Pirates game. Today is going to be a relaxing day, hubby needs to do some studying, but hopefully we'll take our bikes to the trail later. Here are some pictures of the good times! (The first ones are from my camera, the second ones from my phone through instagram)
The girls at Cheesecake Factory for dinner

The whole group outside Cheesecake Factory

The bridal party <3 

Hubby and a friend doing some grilling

Pirates vs. Cubs

PNC park with a gorgeous view of the city

Fireworks show after the Pirates win the game!

Thanks to the military for your service to our great country!
Happy Memorial Day weekend!!!!


  1. How funny that you were at the Pirates game too. It was a great day- even if it was hot as hell! I'm glad you had such a good time too :)