Monday, May 7, 2012

The Bridal Shower

I told you yesterday I'd share pictures from the shower. We started off with lunch, then we asked the bride questions about the groom (which he had already answered) to see how well she knows him (and had to chew more pieces of gum for the ones she got wrong), made toilet paper wedding dresses, and played bingo during the opening of presents. The maid of honor and my gift to her was a panty line complete with poem, and to end the party we did a poem to pass around the centerpieces and find out who would take the tulip plants home. The party went really well and everyone had a good time. :)

The cupcake table

Our toilet paper wedding dresses... they all did such a great job :)

The bride opening her gifts

The bride, maid of honor, and me

Yummy s'mores cupcake with graham cracker crust!!!

The bride and groom.... so excited for the wedding in 33 days!!!!


  1. looks like such a great day! i love the cupcakes. i want them. now.
    x jes,

  2. Aww looks like it was a good time! Those cupcakes look sooo good and the couple is too cute! Congrats to them!

    XO Kelley