Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tomorrow from Annie

I would like to introduce myself, ridiculously awesome housewife. When I don't get phone calls to sub, I am amazing at doing dishes, laundry, cleaning, cooking and baking. 

My day started like any other day. Then I decided to do laundry for the hubby and I. I put my laundry into dark and light piles, then went to get hubby's laundry from the guest room/his closet. This turned into cleaning up the entire room, which is no small task. However, if you are planning on staying with us anytime soon, the guest room is the cleanest its ever been and I think you will enjoy it! I had already cleaned the entire apartment and done dishes. Then I decided to try a new recipe for dinner and try something creative for desert. The recipe for dinner came from something I saw on pinterest and was lead to this. Its really awesome and you should try it too. Here's how it looks....

Sour Cream Noodle Bake

And for desert, I thought I'd try to be creative. I thought I could make a s'mores pie. I thought I'd make a chocolate pudding pie, like I've made before, and put a layer of melted marshmallows on top of that with crushed graham crackers on top. The pie was going fine, till I decided to microwave marshmallows. Don't do this unless you want a ridiculously sticky mess. I then tried to put it on top of the pie.... which didn't go so well. Next time I need to use fluff. But here's a picture of what I put together.

S'mores pie

It was ok. We ended up taking the marshmallow layer off and just had the chocolate pudding pie. Lesson learned. Tomorrow, I'll have an outfit post :)

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