Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'll Be by Edwin McCain

This week we have two visitors. One is a 4th year med student who moved out of his apartment in our complex yesterday and is staying with us for the week while he studies for his next set of boards that he's taking in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. The other is a friend of ours who went to Charleston for 3rd year and has the weekend off to come see us! We will definitely have a full house over the weekend.

Its been a hot couple of days, but inside in the air conditioning its been nice and cool. This is why cardigans and zip up hoodies are the best... wear them over something inside and take them off outside. 
Cardigan: Old Navy / Tank: Old Navy / Jeans: American Eagle / Flip Flops: Abercrombie and Fitch / Earrings: Etsy

Well I am going to watch a movie on my laptop with my headphones so I don't bother the men as they study. By the way, the hubby is doing his surgery rotation and loving it... however that does mean he's on call all the time.

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