Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men

Today's activities included: banking, going to a peach festival, taking a nap, feeding the apartment kitty some milk, having pizza for dinner, and cleaning. Not necessarily in that order. When I say the "apartment kitty," I mean the one we found outside our apartment on Thursday night who seems to like to hang out here. He's super tiny and grey, and the hubster (who's incredibly allergic to cats) was the first one to find him and feed him. He was taking out the trash and decided to feed him some ribs we had leftover in the fridge. Therefore we named him Baby Back. :) We're not allowed to have pets in the apartment, so I made him a shoebox home with a wash cloth and we gave him water. Since then, a neighbor has upgraded the shoebox to a big box with regular size towel, more water and food, and some attention from the other neighbors. Two neighbors and I discussed taking him to the humane society so that he can be taken care of properly, and they can check if anything is wrong with him. I think he has something on his back leg that he keeps biting at, and his eyes look a little strange to me (very mucousy and a little crooked). I haven't actually touched him in case he's wild and has rabies or other diseases, but I know our neighbors have pet him. There was a possible momma cat here last night, but she ran away when she saw us. If you have any recommendations on what to do, please let me know!

I decided to wear orange today in honor of peaches. I've worn this top before with navy blue heels and necklace, so I wanted to wear it differently... so I chose bronze flats and a brown blazer, however its way too hot for a blazer. I've got fall colors on the brain. But, I do think I could be a vera bradley model. :)
Top: Peebles / Capris: American Eagle / Flats: Shoe Dept.

Blazer: Tulle

Purse: Vera Bradley

(I was bored and decided to play with the different effects on photo booth... I took some weird ones with my face distorted, but I liked how this one looked)

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