Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Come Fly With Me by Frank Sinatra

I am cleaning and buying groceries today because my family arrives tonight! I will make a late dinner since they still haven't left yet and its a 5 hour drive! My sister has quite a lot to pack and its her first semester in college so I know its hard to pack and to know what you really need or not. She'll have one day to relax here with the family before we take her to school on Friday! I've already recruited some friends to help us, the seniors now were freshman when I was a senior!

Today I just wanted to wear a simple white t-shirt and jean skirt. I love these new aviator's I got from Old Navy for $6, the hoodie was a birthday present from the hubster and its ridiculously comfortable, and the flip flops are my favorite pair. I just feel incredibly comfortable and cute. Can't beat that.

Shirt: Victoria's Secret / Skirt: Gap / Flip Flops: Target / Aviators: Old Navy

Hoodie: Hollister

Don't I look like a pilot? Not so much... :)

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