Friday, August 19, 2011

True Colors by Phil Collins

My parents and I moved my little sister into college today!!! It was hot, rainy, stormy, and cool. So I dressed accordingly. I also enjoyed color blocking today. I bought this neon green top the other day and knew it would be a fun summer top, and great with all sorts of colors.

Moving the little sis in was pretty easy because there were lots of upperclassmen band kids there to help, so I only brought in two loads that were pretty light. We pretty much unpacked most of her room before she had a band meeting and we left. Of course we had to stop at the outlet mall on our way back, and I picked up a new Vera Bradley wallet, and a skirt and necklace from Loft. I'll be back up to see her in a week with a few things we decided she needed. Its nice only being an hour away :)

Cardigan: Old Navy / Shirt: Victoria's Secret / Shorts: Old Navy / Flats: Walmart

Now to relax with a movie :)

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  1. lol hot, rainy, stormy, and cool. well ur outfit def covers it. loving the blue and green together :) awww outlets that must have been heaven. miss ya!