Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Accidentally In Love by Counting Crows

Well she picked J.P. I can't say I'm surprised, because he was a front runner from the beginning. So I'm happy for her. Although I think Ben F is a cutie.... and should maybe be the next bachelor?

Anyways, today I am cleaning and reorganizing my closet. I feel like since we moved, I just sort of threw clothes in places and now I need to organize it. I also need to get rid of things, like really look at things and think, "am I really ever going to wear this again?" It can be a very hard task, hence I am taking a break to write this post today.

Since I'm cleaning, I didn't really want to get dressed.... so I'm just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Surprise, surprise :) So here's what I made for dinner last night! It was a huge hit and my hubby downed it pretty fast, as did I. He even said that I need to start writing some of these things down so I can make them again for him!!! :D
Why yes, this is a homemade version of a KFC mashed potato bowl. It's pretty much outstanding, and definitely less calories than if we ordered it from KFC.

Well, I better get back to my closet.... any tips for keeping or throwing things away?


  1. Hi, I found you at my friend's littleredpurse and I'm following you from Rome. Unfortunately in Italy we don't have KFC, both my daughter and I love it. I used to go there all the time when I lived in New York. I love their mashed potatoes and gravy. I wish I knew how to make the gravy! Have a nice day!