Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Love Who You Love by Rascal Flatts

Ok, lets be serious for a minute. Do you watch The Bachelor? WHAT IS HE THINKING? Kacie B was the best for him. She's down to earth, really pretty, and they had an instant connection. And he kept Courtney, the most immature and annoying girl, who I honestly don't think cares for him? I heard a rumor that he picks Courtney, but I'm now cheering for Nicki or Lindzi. I hope he ends up happy.

I decided if I was going to post what I wore today, I would need to do something different. I've worn just  about the same outfit, so I decided to show how to wear it to school and how to wear it for running errands (like I did today). Also, I really wanted to show off my new shoes!
Sweater: Gap / Skirt: Gap / Heels: Macy's / Earrings: Walmart / Watch: Armitron

Sweater: Gap / Cami: Aeropostale / Jeans: Peebles / Heels: Macy's / Earrings: Walmart / Necklace: Etsy / Watch: Armitron / Trenchcoat: Old Navy

What do you think? I love this sweater and am already thinking of other ways to style it! :)

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