Thursday, August 25, 2016

Talk Of The Town by Pretenders

Moving from Joint Base Lewis McChord to Fort Leonard Wood is a big change. JBLM is located in Tacoma, WA which is just south of Seattle and therefore a heavily populated area with lots to do. There are beautiful mountains and the puget sound for hiking and outdoor fun, there is plenty of shopping and incredible restaurants to enjoy, it is a mecca for successful businesses including Starbucks, Nordstrom, Amazon, and Microsoft, they have successful sports teams like the Seahawks, and the most mild weather from winter to summer. Fort Leonard Wood is in a small town, St. Robert, MO, which succeeds as a military town. So since we enjoyed JBLM so much, a few friends have reached out to see how we're doing at FLW. Well honestly, its been great! I was lucky enough to have met a girl at JBLM who was also moving to FLW, for the second time, so she has been a great connection! She has introduced me to a few other moms in the area and given me recommendations on things to do around here. There are always things to do with kiddos to get out of the house like going to playgrounds, pools, and taking the dog to the park. We've also had multiple visitors to keep us busy. And a house to unpack and organize. We've also found fun things going on like the Cole Swindell concert and today, a donut truck from a fantastic bakery in Springfield came to town. Emma and I stood in line (in the 90 degree plus humidity heat) for an hour, but we got a dozen super fun gourmet donuts! They were definitely worth it. So we've really enjoyed our time here so far! 

That friend who has introduced me to things around here also recently became a Lu La Roe consultant! So of course I went to her party this past weekend and bought a few things. This Randy top is one of them! Its the most comfortable clothing ever!
Top: Lu La Roe / Jeans: Old Navy / Shoes: Walmart / Earrings: a gift from Hubs / Watch: Coach

We're both wearing butterflies!

The Emergency Donut Vehicle, from Hurt's Donuts!

Look at those dozens ready to go!

Oh my goodness, they look delicious!

And I had to include this one! We found a Bentley twin at Lowe's with a welcome sign. So yes, now he can greet you outside and inside the house :)

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