Monday, August 15, 2016

Cake By The Ocean by DNCE

It's my birthday! I can't believe it's the last year of my twenties! I'm going to soak up being 29 for all 365 days till I turn 30. I'm not ready for 30 yet. Its so silly, but it just sounds so much older to me. I'm  already a responsible adult and parent, so its not like I'm a care free youngster anymore. Anyway! I'm going shopping at the outlet mall with my parents and Emma so I'm excited! I haven't been real shopping in quite a while so its going to be fun. Then we'll do dinner and cake with Hubs after work.

Yesterday we went out to dinner to celebrate. We had hopes to go to a local Italian restaurant with great reviews, but it was closed when we got there. So we decided to try out one of the Mexican restaurants in town and were happy with that instead. We were dressed up a bit to make it special. It also rained all morning and only ever got up to a high of 72, so it was nice for a slightly cooler day.

Dress: JCPenney / Sneakers: Target / Earrings: Old Navy / Watch: Coach

Cardigan: Target

Cutest little girl :)

Family photo! We didn't even mean to coordinate so nicely with navy and coral, but we sure did look good! I should have hired a photographer to take some family photos! 


  1. Glad you had a fun birthday!! Loving your curly hair these days. Miss you guys!