Sunday, August 14, 2016

Route 66 by Nat King Cole

Yesterday we went to the Birthplace of Route 66 festival. They had a classic car show, live music, food vendors, and a motorcycle show. We loved seeing all of the cars, and were especially looking out for a '61 Thunderbird, because that's what my dad used to have. We found a couple that were pretty close so that made him really happy. Hubs is really into Mustangs and classic muscle cars, so he asked me to take quite a few pictures. Afterwards we treated ourselves to ice cream since it was a hot, sunny day!

I'm glad I went sleeveless yesterday. The lack of hot weather in Washington has been made up for and then some in Missouri. And honestly, since having Emma, I have not put shorts back on. They do fit, but I'm just more comfortable in capris or a sundress.

Tank: Walmart / Jeans: Old Navy / Sandals: Target / Earrings: Old Navy / Watch: Coach

We're kind of going for a red, white, and blue combination. Yay olympics!

Driving to Springfield, taking selfies in the backseat with my mom

Hubs and an old Chevy SS

A beautiful mustang!

Route 66!

Dad loved seeing the cars, but especially the Thunderbird!

Yes, Emma is trying to sneak a bite of Hubby's banana split while I take the picture, lol!

Anyone live in Springfield, MO? What are other cool things that happen there? Its only an hour drive from us, so we'll definitely be able to go back for fun things!

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