Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Meet Me In St. Louis, from the movie musical, Meet Me In St. Louis

Third post in one week... who am I? Someone who just got a new laptop and has some serious motivation to write blog posts again! I also have an outfit of the day picture, but we'll get to that in a minute. First, my parents are flying to Missouri today to spend the week with us! I'm excited to have them here so they can see our house now that we're settled in. They helped us with house hunting, mostly helping with Emma so we could focus on the housing details, so they know the house that we chose and some of the surrounding area. We'll celebrate my birthday next Monday, check out some of the sights around here, and enjoy their company. But really, do they need any other excuse to visit besides to see their granddaughter? ;)

So like I said, I have an outfit of the day picture. Its pretty hot in the summer in Missouri, but we had a cool, rainy morning on Monday when I was getting ready to take Emma to her belated 15 month check up. So I took advantage of the weather and wore a scarf... which of course came off in the afternoon when it warmed right back up. This outfit is really a collection of my favorites. The boatneck shirt, sandals, and light infinity scarf are all from Target. I have all three of these things in multiple colors because I love them so much. You just can't go wrong with comfortable and flattering.

Boatneck shirt, scarf, and sandals: Target / Jeans: American Eagle / Earrings: Old Navy

Also, if you need a planner, this one is the best. Whitney English has sold out her planners repeatedly on Etsy and has now come out with a line for Target. I was so excited when I found it last year. Once we were unpacked, I realized that my planner had finished in June, so I immediately went online and ordered a new one. It just feels so good to start fresh with a planner.


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