Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Smoke Break by Carrie Underwood

Sometimes you just need a weekend at home. And that's for the most part what we did. We put up our feet and watched tv, filled up the kiddie pool for Emma and Bentley to play, ordered a pizza, cleaned up the house, got groceries, and just relaxed. Just what we needed before friends come visit this week and a possible getaway this coming weekend!

I'm really ready for cooler temperatures. I hate wishing for the next thing to come and not live in the moment, but I don't love humid 80 and 90 degree weather all the time. Its just dang hot. I'm ready for 60s and 70s. That's my ideal temperature. So yes, I'm ready for fall. Call me a basic white girl, but its my favorite season, it leads to the holidays, and its full of apples, pumpkins, football, hoodies, and boots. Not that I don't love summer, because I do, but its that time at the end of August, beginning of September that I'm ready. Same thing happens at the end of winter. So first outfit picture is what I want to wear (and honestly can around the house because our AC works very well), but the second picture is what I actually wore to go to the dog park and get groceries.
Oversized scarf: Old Navy / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Toms

Shirt: Target

Already a model


Bentley doesn't care to go swimming, but he'll do anything with his little sis

Water baby!

Playing with daddy!

Come on mom, sit down with me!

So excited for pizza!

When it cools down, we'll be back here all the time. Poor pup got hot quick! But he loved running after the ball and getting out to smell the smells. And when it cools down there will be a lot more dogs at the park!

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