Friday, August 26, 2016

Burning House by Cam

Its been a pretty productive week and I am so ready for the weekend. Yesterday I ran errands, did a few loads of laundry, and tidied up things that needed to be put away. Now my to do list is much shorter and will hopefully be non existent by the end of the day! I'm not sure if this weekend will be hot or rainy, because my weather app says both and it keeps changing. If its not raining tonight, we'll go to a Music in the Park event. Otherwise we'll finish putting together the guest room. I've ordered a rug that should arrive today and we bought a bookshelf to replace a broken bookshelf headboard that needs to be put together. We don't have a headboard, but I think it'll be fine without one for now. And that's all we have planned. I'm sure we'll either fill up our kiddie pool or go to the pool at some point. We have friends staying with us this coming week so we'll probably save most of our fun for then!

I put this outfit together for a playdate at the library. Jeans are always my go to, so I like to switch it up with colorful skinny jeans or a skirt. But skirts aren't always the greatest idea when wrangling the small child, so pants usually win.
Shirt: Old Navy / Mint skinny jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Target / Earrings: Old Navy / Watch: Coach  

She had so much fun at the library! They had a little mommy and me music class too that we participated in. I love taking her out to do fun kid things!

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