Friday, August 12, 2016

Me Too by Meghan Trainer

I always love having visitors, but its especially nice having the parents. My mom and dad are easy going, they're up for hanging out at home, running errands, or going out to see the sights. But the best part is how much they want to help out with Emma. It gives hubs and I a little break from doing all of it on our own. So it definitely feels like vacation for us too even though we're at home. 

This outfit has become one of my "mom uniform" looks. Comfort is key, but I still do my best to look put together. Its simple but I feel good and am not worried if my toddler spills something on me (because she did before I took these pictures, and it came right out with water). This shirt is by Danskin which was one of my favorite dance brands when I was younger. I was bummed when they went out of business, but glad when they were picked up by Walmart. This top has ventilation which helps keep me cool in the hot summer and like I said, won't get stained/destroyed by my kiddo which is important since we do a lot of babywearing when we're out. 

Shirt: Danskin for Walmart / Jeans: Old Navy / Shoes: Target / Earrings: Old Navy

One of the best parts of having mom and dad here is having a chance to get away during nap time! Dad and hubs, since he got home from work early, stayed home with her during her nap while Mom and I went out to get a mani and pedi! Its so nice to get pampered once in awhile :)

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