Saturday, August 27, 2016

Beat This Summer by Brad Paisley

Last night was a fun Friday night! After hubs got home from work, we got ready and went to dinner. We were at Ruby Tuesday's at about 5:00 so there were few people there, which was great when Emma was getting restless in her high chair and wanted to run around between the tables. She sits well when we're eating and feeding her as well, but crayons don't keep her attention for very long when she's not eating. She typically dots the paper they give her, which is a big step in the right direction from trying to eat the crayons, but that isn't nearly as fun or time consuming as coloring which she hasn't caught on to quite yet. So while we waited for dessert she smiled at the waitresses, pointed at all of the paintings on the wall, and walked through all of the different seating sections. Then she was more than willing to sit again for a few bites of ice cream! After dinner we went to a Music in the Park event. They had a cover band based out of St Louis come play, however it had sprinkled rain for 5 minutes right before it started, so there were not a lot of people when we got there. Luckily there was a playground in this park, so we decided to go play and listen to the music from there. A few more families joined us, so Emma enjoyed playing with some of the kiddos. It was enjoyable for all of us.

Hubs ordered this top for me online. I'm not sure if was advertised as a dress, but he bought it thinking it was. When it arrived, he looked at it and said to me, well you have leggings you can wear with it right? Haha! He's so sweet and I told him I'd definitely make it work because it is really cute! So last night I paired it with white jeans and even got a compliment when we were at the park.
"Tunic length dress": Forever 21 / Jeans: Old Navy / Flats: Old Navy

Navy blue and white!

How cute is she in the buffalo check?

Happy (belated) National Dog Day!

Loving mozzarella sticks!

Like father like daughter :)

Playing at the park! It makes me happy when she plays with musical things!

Fun smiles with my girl

And how cool is this? Hubs is a pretty good artist, but hasn't done any drawing in quite some time... ya know busy with medical school and residency. But he wanted to buy a sketch book and some pencils so he could draw again now that he has some more free time. And the first thing he wanted to draw was his girls. Love him!

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