Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Round Here by Florida Georgia Line

This weekend we were able to do a little exploring of our new town. After a day of yard and house work on Saturday, we met up with a friend of ours from residency who also happens to be working at this post. We found a local BBQ restaurant and enjoyed the Kansas City style that is most common here. Afterwards we drove down the road to an old Western looking town store front. It is known as "Uranus, MO" and we were told they are trying to make it its own little town. So we decided to check it out. They have a fudge factory and general store that we were most interested in, as well as a sports bar, tattoo parlor, and a few other things. Its really random but now we know what its all about. If you like fudge or taffy though, they have quite a few flavors!

Like I said in my last post, I love to wear basics that have little details. Well lately lace is everywhere and a great way to take something plain and make it more interesting. I found this top at Loft and wish I'd bought it in more colors! But I bought this color with the intention that it'll be a great transition piece into fall... and I may have plans for family photos in this color scheme :)

Shirt: Loft / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Target / Earrings: Old Navy / Watch: Coach

Closer up of the lace detail on the shirt

She was enjoying her animal crackers lol

Hubs likes to coordinate with us too!

Sweet water BBQ


Uranus, MO

Gross saying, but good fudge lol

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